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Number 7: Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, with the name meaning ‘The White Mountain,’ is the highest point of Europe (outside Caucasus), and is located right on the border between Italy and France. This mount is an important destination for numerous climbers and is surrounded by three European towns, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (France), Courmayeur (Italy) and Chamonix (France). Beneath this mountain there lies a tunnel with the length being 11.5 kilometers, which equals 7.5 miles. Construction of this tunnel took almost ten years and ended in 1957. Now this is the main trans-Alpine traffic route and is a way between two European countries.

Mont Blanc is on the list of the highest mountains of the planet and is ranked eleventh, with the height being 4.808 meters (15.78 feet). The first people to step on the top of this peak were Michael Paccard and Jacque Balmat, who managed to ascent in 1786. It is curious that the height of the peak varies from year to year, as the height literally depends on the snow layer at the top. Besides, Mont Blanc has two peaks, which are set 100 feet one from another. Good to know that Mont Blanc is equipped with portable bio toilettes, which were delivered to the mount with helicopters, in order to maximally reduce human waste in this area.

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