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Number 9: Mount Kirkjufell

The mount of Kirkjufell is a mountain located on the Northern coast of Iceland, and its height equals 463 m. From the Icelandic, its name may be translated as the ‘church mountain,’ and this name was given to it due to its geometrically perfect shape. This mount is not only a real business card of the country but is also a focal point for everyone who travels to this area by land or sea. This mount attracts different travelers, as there are various ways to discover the beauty of this mount. The most popular route for travelers with an average preparation level is a walking trail around the peak. However, the advanced route is a technically challenging climb to the top, and that is why it requires special equipment and a certain level of preparation.

If you are willing to stay near this mount, you may choose one of numerous hotels, campgrounds and guesthouses, which are located around 3-5 kilometers from the mountain. The closest town to this mount is Grundarfjordur. Also, it is recommended to order the service of a guide in order to learn more about the legends and history of Kirkjufell and take pictures from the most beautiful spots. On average, the way to the top takes a little under 2 hours, and the way down may take a little less time.

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